At Villa Knezović, we love our guests and their satisfaction is our top priority.

Thank you all for your positive recommendations and encouraging remarks about Villa Knezović. We would like to share some testimonials received from our exceptional guests:

Paolo (Italy): "My wife and I decided to drive to Brela from our hometown in Italy for a long weekend in May. We booked 7 days at Villa Knezović over the phone on our way to Croatia. We loved the view from our balcony onto the Adriatic Sea. Mate was very helpful and answered all our questions, gave us great ideas about what to do at this time of the year in Croatia: We visited several villages in central and south Dalmatia (around Dubrovnik) as we love to explore and discover new places. And Brela was a good base for all our sightseeing. We loved it so much we decided to extend our stay at Villa Knezović for another week as it turned out to be possible. We asked Mate to organise for us a wine and food tasting from Dalmatia as we have been driving around this part of Croatia. We discovered confidential premium wines we had never tried before and we loved the Dalmatian smoked ham called “pršut”. With the help from Mate, we bought some wine, cheese and smoked ham to bring back home so we can still have a taste of Croatia!!! Thank you so much Mate for your kindness and your time. We will be back soon.”

Linus (Sweden): "My friends and I – 8 of us – decided to visit Croatia during one month in June last year. We were staying in Makarska in a hotel for 3 days. One morning we drove to Brela and we just loved it. So beautiful and peaceful. So we decided to search for an accommodation where we could spend the next 7 days of our trip in Croatia. We ended up to Villa Knezović and asked Mate if he had any vacancy at this time of the year… And how lucky us as he had and said he was able to accommodate us all and our 4 cars in his home. We loved the Punta Rat beach and the Stone of Brela, just so beautiful. To celebrate one of our friends birthday, Mate organised for us a great and fun day: in the morning underwater photo shooting in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, at a spot without any people, just awesome. Then we went back home and chilled a bit. In the afternoon, he took us to one of his friend's farm and we were able to see how they were working with their animals (cows, horses & donkeys). And as a cherry on the cake, Mate prepared us a great dinner (lamb cooked under a bell) with a birthday cake on the end! My friend said he had an awesome birthday and all of us had a great time! Thank you again Mate for your hospitality and for taking the time to organise for us the best day of our holiday. Overall stunning experience, above our expectations and designed just for us for a very fair price. For sure, we wil be back. In the meantime, come to visit us in Sweden Mate, we are waiting for you!!!”

Delphine (France): "I had an overall fantastic experience with Villa Knezović since the first moment I contacted them to book my holiday for my family – my husband and I as well as our 2 teenagers – in Brela in July. We all felt very much like part of the Knezović family. The location of the house is great as it is close to all we needed: beaches and restaurants! Mate gave us great ideas for sightseeing which made our holiday even more pleasant (my children had a lot of fun spending time swimming in a river near by… we went there several times and we would always end up our day by jumping into the sea, right after the river… Awesome experience!!). If you ever want to visit Croatia, you must stay in Brela as it is a lovely place with great nature and beaches. Book at Villa Knezović to have an amazing time… We might see you around!”

Pavel (Poland): "My girlfriend and I booked our holiday at Villa Knezović for 2 weeks in August over the phone. We arrived a bit late in Brela after a very long drive and Mate was waiting for us. He welcomed us, helped us to park our car and showed us our apartment. Another couple, some friends, joined us 3 days later and stayed with us in the same house until the end of our holiday. They loved it too. It was our first time in Croatia and we really wanted to try some Croatian food. We asked Mate if he could prepare us a very nice dinner… We had some grilled fish on barbecue, just so delicious… We still remember the taste of it!!After the dinner Mate joined us at the table and we had a great evening all together. We learnt a lot about Croatia and Brela. Our best evening and our best dinner of our stay! And I have to say, this dinner was really worth the money. We will be back in 2 years and we cannot wait for this moment to come. We are counting the days!!!”

Laura (Switzerland): "My husband and I as well as my parents decided to book a holiday at Villa Knezović using this website. We sent a message over the internet indicating we wanted to stay 10 days in Brela in September and we got a detailed answer within 72 hours. We took the plane and Mate organised a pick-up service from Split airport to his home. That was very handy and easy. The accommodation was great, the house very clean and everybody was so nice to us. We felt like at home. We wanted to understand more of Croatia's history and talked to Mate. He brought us to one place inland Croatia about 40km away from Brela, an old farm, and we were able to see how people use to live 80 years ago. Very interesting indeed. We had a nice lunch there, just outside the farm, and we were able to try nice food on barbecue. We highly recommend this place: great service, good pricing and the fact Mate spent some time with us to make us discover what the real Croatia is all about!”

Mark (Germany): "2 years ago, my wife and I decided to spend some time off in Croatia in October. We didn't know where to go and ended up in Brela. We looked for a place to stay and chose Villa Knezović for its central position and parking facilities. We loved the place: nice and clean, great hosts, close to the beaches… We love olive oil and we asked Mate if he could find for us some great local olive oil we could bring back home with us. He did and even better, he brought us to one olive oil mill while they were pressing the olives. We managed to buy some oil just young and fresh!!! That was fantastic and we were so happy! After a couple of months back at home we used it for our salads and with cheese as well… It was delicious and it reminded us of Croatia. We gave your address and phone number to some friends so they can get a chance to meet you too! Mate thank you again for everything. Keep up the good work!”
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